Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pat Quinn's Promise to Oilers Fans

The following is the text from Pat Quinn's pre-game speech aired before the Oilers/Islanders game last night:

"Hello, I'm Pat Quinn, head coach for your Edmonton Oilers.

This is your team, and everything we do we do it for you -- our fans.

I can't sit here and make any promises about the post-season, but I can promise you this: we will play tough. We will show grit. And we will highlight the skill on this team.

And on every night, even when we're tired and it's cold, I promise you this:

This team will compete.

And when we do this, everything else will fall into place.

We will be taking on the world, starting October 3rd.

Hopefully, Oilers fans will be able to say a definitive "amen" to that.

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