Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It Had to Happen

Oilers need a change

"We both agree that it is time for a change," said Oilers general manager Steve Tambellini today, as he explained why the Oilers have chosen to fire head coach Craig MacTavish.

"This is the right thing for Craig, and the right thing for the Edmonton Oilers," Tambellini explained. "This does not absolve the players and their performance, or lack thereof."

This should set the laundry list of Oilers who have yet to live up to expectations of them -- Dustin Penner, Robert Nilsson, and Marc-Antoine Pouliot chief among them.

And while MacTavish's firing has been seen on the horizon since the Oilers' disastrous home loss to the Buffalo Sabres, when Oilers fans chanted "fire MacTavish", Oilers fans should be less than jubilant about MacTavish's departure.

Oilers fans have enjoyed a surprlus of say into the personnel of the team over the past several seasons, with questionable results. Oilers fans demanded the removal of Marc-Andre Bergeron, and wound up with Denis Grebeshkov. Oilers fans demanded Joffrey Lupul receive his walking papers, and the Oilers briefly enjoyed the services of Joni Pitkanen before experiencing disappointing experiences with Erik Cole and, now, Patrick O'Sullivan. Oilers fans demanded to be rid of Mike Comrie and have yet to see much in return -- Jeff Woywytka was traded to St Louis in the eternally disappointing Chris Pronger deal, and Robbie Schremp continues to languish in the minors.

If Oilers fans continue to make demands regarding the team's personnel and management continues to grant them, Oilers fans will, at some point, have to face up to the reality that they've been given the team they wanted. If that team turns out to be less than successful, Oilers fans will have to share in the blame.

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1 comment:

Jared Milne said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

For far too long, the Edmonton Oilers have hired their managers and coaches based on their being "part of the family" regardless of whether they were actually any good at their jobs.

Qualified candidates outside the organization were ignored in favor of the "Boys on the Bus", merit being ignored in favour of nothing less than pure nepotism. Despite year after year of mediocre performances and early playoff exits-when we even bothered to make the playoffs at all-we were told that we should stay loyal to our roots, and that the results will come.

Well, we've been waiting for more than a decade and the results still haven't come. If Lowe and MacTavish had been working for any other team, they would have been fired years ago, but because they're part of the dynasty, their jobs were secure no matter how much they disgraced the copper and blue with their incompetence.

Every single one of them-Lowe, Prendergast, Semenko-should all be fired and replaced with people who actually have something going for them besides just having been part of the Oilers glory days.

Edmonton sports teams seem to have a strange propensity for leaving idiot managers in positions when it's clear they have no idea what the hell they're doing.

How else can you explain Danny Macocia still having a job with the Eskimos?